The Garden of Eden

Green Waste

The Garden of Eden welcomes biodegradable green waste in the Motueka area and turn it into compost, mulch, food, hot water, firewood, and biochar. We do not charge for this services but koha is welcome. We are increasing biomass and microbial activity in our organic soil, making compost to feed plants, heating our home, and suppressing weeds in our forest garden.

We happily receive most biodegradable materials here, including:

~ Green waste such as lawn clippings, hedge prunings, fallen leaves, flax, bamboo, etc
~ Compost and potting mix
~ Animal manures
~ Branches, logs, and tree stumps
~ Large brown cardboard boxes/sheets without plastic tape or staples, e.g. whiteware, bikes, outdoor furniture boxes
~ Live plants (but not noxious weeds!)
~ Old hay and straw in any quantity
~ Food scraps, including coffee grounds
~ Sawdust and wood shavings
~ Topsoil, sand, clay, and silt
~ Untreated timber
~ Cat litter and biodegradable animal bedding
~ 100% natural fabrics such as old wool blankets, pure cotton sheets and towels, jute, hemp, hessian, leather, etc
~ feathers, hair, hides, bones
~ Shredded paper (not glossy or laminated)

We do NOT accept:

~ Prickly plants such as rose prunings, holly, gorse, blackberry, etc.
~ Noxious weeds such as old man’s beard, oxalis, privet, ivy, convulvulus, etc.
~ Plants that are toxic to stock, such as rhododendrons, daphne, tutu, etc.
~ Plants or soil that have recently been sprayed with biocidal products such as glyphosate.

Please ensure that your trailer does NOT contain any of these before you bring it around.

We don’t charge the community for this service, however we welcome koha. This can save you anything from $4.50 to $135 at the dump! (Some of the koha we’ve received in the past includes homemade relish, home baked bread, fresh snapper, jars of jam and honey, bottles of wine, cash, a 6 pack of cider, bags of passionfruit, avocados, and legs of lamb – it’s all welcome, and not compulsory!)

Obviously no non-biodegradable rubbish such as plastic, treated timber, glossy paper or card, twine, bottles, etc, will be accepted, so please sort it well before you bring it around.

Please call 022 612 7722 to arrange a time to deliver.