The Garden of Eden

I offer wwoofing opportunities in the Garden of Eden to those who want to experience working on an organic farm and learn what they can here for a minimum of one week (preferably much longer).

This is a work exchange and a place of learning. Within and outside of work hours there are opportunities to learn about things like herbal medicine, fermented foods, beekeeping, etc, or to relax, sleep, study, walk, or enjoy my library of health/permaculture-related books. It’s pretty quiet here apart from wwoofers (no TV), and I’m mostly working/studying, sometimes off the farm, and often online. It’s also not an easy holiday; there is a lot of work to be done! Having said that, it’s a very educational insight into the realities of farming, especially creating a permaculture project from scratch, and you will learn heaps.

Guest accommodation is a simple off-grid 4 bed yurt (and a compost toilet which everyone takes turns to empty) and you will be sharing it with any other wwoofers who might be here at the time, or sleep in a tent if you want more privacy. We share use of the living room, kitchen and bathroom in the house which is on grid and has electricity but currently no hot running water except a solar shower.

I moved here in July 2012 and have not yet finished unpacking and sorting stuff, so it’s fairly chaotic, somewhat messy and very humble! I have 4 alpacas, 2 sheep, 5 ducks, 7 hens, 1 large dog, 1 beehive, 1 horse and a cat, as well as lots of trees and medicinal herbs on my little 5 acre farm. Most of the work currently is pruning, planting, weeding, fencing, tidying, house painting, repairing an irrigation system, and general maintenance.  There is usually no work with the animals although wwoofers can play with them in their spare time if they wish.  The horse is sometimes grazing elsewhere so you may or may not meet her.

We eat our main hot meal of the day at lunchtime. It’s usually fresh raw salads, eggs, cheese, rice or potatoes, maybe meat once or twice a week. It’s mostly seasonal, fresh, local, inexpensive and healthy. There is always fresh fruit available. I can cater for vegetarians but vegans/gluten/dairy-frees may need to partly contribute towards their special diets or they may be hungry as my budget doesn’t stretch very far! I don’t generally offer desserts but wwoofers can feel free to provide and share them! In the evening there is bread, spreads, cheese and fruit available.

So, that said, you will be very welcome here if you can guarantee that you:

1. don’t smoke

2.  are willing to commit to staying for at least a week

3. will cheerfully work 5 hours every day, 6 days work minimum x 5 hours (or 6 hours x 5 days if you prefer), or 4 hours per day if you are a skilled and experienced builder, plumber or electrician.

4. are able-bodied and fit enough for manual labour.

You also need to be happy working alone, and flexible with tasks, hours, food, accommodation, etc. The longer you stay the more you learn.

Some things you may learn here:

To not judge a book by its cover

That EVERYTHING is connected – how to join the dots

How to make sourdough rye bread

Just how much time, effort, patience and care goes into producing food.

How much effort, energy and commitment you are capable of.

How to tell the difference between weeds and useful plants.

The extent of your ability to persevere when the going gets tough.

How tolerant you are of lifestyles different from your own.

How to use a scythe for mowing grass.

What else you will need to learn in order to live a rich, productive, contented life.

So if you’re interested please email me with the details of who you are, where you’re from, how old you are,  what you’re offering and what you are wanting.